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Who are we, what do we do,

and what is this e-zine all about?


Founded by Ceri Morgan in June 2017, the Dawdlers are a walking-reading, walking-writing group at Keele University. We combine walking (defined as a range of processes, some of which are bipedal) with creative practices, discussion, sociability and playfulness.

We combine geopoetics (site-responsive creative practices) with other mobilities and spatial approaches: walking interviews, psychogeography, geocriticism, ecocriticism… Each of us has our own adaptation/s of methods Morgan first acquired in 2007 as a member of the geopoetics research group, La Traversée, in Montreal. Like La Traversée, the Dawdlers carry out geopoetics as a collective.

Anyone is welcome to join a Dawdlers activity. Currently, the core group comprises: Dean Brindley, Jen Campion, Amy Coquaz, Sylvia Crawley, Gabriella Gay, Martin Goodhead, Sahil Gufar, Aimee Merrydew, Ceri Morgan, Sophie Powell, Stephen Seabridge, Daniel Skentelbery and Nicola Winstanley.

Who We Are
This Project

We created this e-zine to showcase the work that emerged from a

Creative Community Walk led by artist Nicola Winstanley and writer Ceri Morgan in consultation with geographer Deirdre McKay.

Artists, makers and the wider community were invited to take part in the walk. They shared memories, stories and thoughts on Longport and Middleport whilst photographing found objects, drawing, writing, recording sounds and making charcoal rubbings. No artistic experience was necessary. The goal was to walk, talk and have fun as a group.


After the walk, participants were invited to contribute their creations to an exhibition at the Waiting Room Gallery.  A selection of the work exhibited is showcased in our e-zine gallery, which takes inspiration from the design and curation of original installation. We hope you enjoy exploring them!

Images: Jenny Harper Photography

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